Embracing the Exuberant Animal

Frank Forencich is one of the few people I know who’s putting it all together when it comes to forging a new narrative for our human predicament. His Exuberant Animal project aims to help humans carve a healthy path through the modern world by integrating movement, storytelling, play, meditation, practical neuroscience and more. I cannot recommend Frank’s work … Continue reading Embracing the Exuberant Animal

How To Eat Liver

Liver. You either hate it, or you pretend not to hate it to impress your friends when you’re dropping a couple NorCal margaritas and a bunless burger after an intense CrossFit sesh. Actually, some people claim to like the taste of liver, but these people mostly consist of those with a rare condition in which … Continue reading How To Eat Liver

Please, Don’t Have an Opinion

But whereas it used to bother me that I was so open to persuasion, now I am perfectly happy to put up with what others might regard as the discomfort of uncertainty. —Mark Palmer, “In defence of having no opinion“ There’s been some minor drama in the paleo space lately. I don’t feel like hashing through … Continue reading Please, Don’t Have an Opinion