Let’s Do Great Work

First things first. There are three things that are paramount to me when working with my clients. If we decide to work together, you can expect that I will be:

Responsive. I won’t make you wait to hear back from me.
Reliable. I will do what I say I’ll do, when I say I’ll do it.
Forthright. I will be straightforward and honest with you.

My Services

My main focus is the nonfiction world. This is where my higher-end services—writing and developmental editing—apply. I’m happy to work with you to improve your fiction manuscript, but my services there are restricted to copyediting and proofreading.


I have the background and expertise to get your material into tip-top shape, whether you’re starting from zero or 9.5.

My editing services cover the following range:

  • Copyediting: Fixing issues of spelling, grammar, syntax—the technical stuff.
  • Line editing: Making sure your content flows, your ideas are presented clearly, and your writing is easy to read.
  • Substantive or developmental editing: A much more involved form of editing that involves working closely with you to structure and organize a longer narrative (typically a book), and develop the ideas within that narrative.

Need compelling, original content—but feeling stuck? My writing chops and my background in research and marketing will help you get your content from ideation to execution to celebration.

Editorial Research

Remember what I said up there about research? I’ll help you identify the details and anecdotes that’ll add color and help bring your story home. Then I’ll go find them for you, and I’ll come back with coffee.

Kicking Things Off

If you’re interested in working with me, we’ll start with a 30-minute conversation (via Skype or phone) in which we’ll discuss your project, what kind(s) of editorial assistance you’re looking for, and how I can help. This conversation will include:

  • An overview of your project and where you need help
  • Your timeframe to completion of the project
  • Your estimated budget
  • Any other questions you have

If we decide we’re a good fit, I’ll send you a contract that covers:

  • The editorial services I’ll be providing
  • A timeline of deliverables, project check-ins, and other milestones
  • The total project cost

Once we’ve both signed the contract, we can start bringing your vision to fruition!

Ready to get started?

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