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A sampling of my editorial work. You can also view my résumé.


Untethered by Sini Ninkovic

Untethered is a book about tech, and how to overcome distractions and live a more meaningful life. But it’s also a book about creating better relationships—with ourselves, with our friends and family, and even with our devices.

Dough Nation: A Nurse’s Memoir of Celiac Disease from Missed Diagnosis to Food and Health Activism by Nadine Grzeskowiak

Nadine Grzeskowiak is an ER nurse whose journey with celiac disease took her to hell and back. Dough Nation is both a searing memoir and a self-help guide for anyone curious about celiac disease, the economics and politics of wheat and gluten, and the vital importance of taking charge of your own health.

The Art Is Long by Frank Forencich

Our bodies are the canaries in the coal mine of the modern world. Health and medical industries focus on the well-being of the canary, but miss the larger message. Something is tragically wrong with the way we’re living. We need another way. The Art is Long is an exploration of the “long body,” the totality of our individual bodies plus our life-supporting systems of habitat, tribe and culture. Being healthy is just a beginning. [Manuscript editing, copyediting]

One Disease: Redox Imbalance by Michael Sherer

“Stress causes disease. Redox imbalance is why.” From that seven-word thesis, One Disease: Redox Imbalance builds the provocative case that stress-driven oxidative and reductive stress, aka redox balance, is the root cause of chronic diseases ranging from aging to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, mental illness, and more. [Manuscript editing, proofreading]

Digestive Health with REAL Food by Aglaée Jacob

This is Aglaée Jacob’s acclaimed, in-depth guide to digestive health, which Jessica Espinoza of Delicious Obsessions called “amazing”—several times. As Kevin Cann of said: “As a nutritionist who deals frequently with clients who have gastrointestinal issues, I feel there are not enough good resources out there on the subject matter… Digestive Health with REAL Food changes all of that.”

The Paleo Dieter’s Missing Link by Adam Farrah

I was the manuscript editor of Adam Farrah’s iconoclastic manifesto. Jimmy “Livin’ La Vida Low Carb” Moore praised Missing Link for addressing “just about any and every question you would have about the Paleo diet.” And the slam-dunk takeaway of Winslow Jenkins of “Cons: none.”

Paleo Magazine Readers’ Favorites Cookbooks

I copyedited the first three annual editions of the Paleo Magazine Readers’ Favorites Cookbook—2013, 2014, and 2015. Each one represents a different kind of cookbook—more of a culinary anthology—focused as much on community as it is on food.

Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life by Nir Eyal


Stroke Support and Survival Guide by Kathi Naumann

Manuscript editor, copyeditor

The Little Black Book of Workout Motivation by Michael Matthews

Manuscript editor, copyeditor


The Storied Future Podcast

The Storied Future Podcast with Chris Hare gives C-suite leaders the knowledge and inspiration they need to create lasting change. I produce this show featuring interviews with experts, innovators, and purpose-driven leaders who are using strategic narrative to change minds, change behavior, and change the future.


Every entrepreneur expects to fail at some point—it’s part of the process. But what happens when you fail big? Flops uncovers how outrageous failure can spark learning, inspire bold new ideas, lead to surprising redemptions, and offer a chance to build something better. I cohosted this podcast with Karen Beattie where we talked to ambitious entrepreneurs about the failures—and rebounds—that shaped them into who they are today.

The SPI Podcast with Pat Flynn and AskPat 2.0

I was a producer for The SPI Podcast, the flagship show of Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income brand, as well as his shortform businses coaching podcast, AskPat 2.0.

Ghostwriting and Ghostediting

I’ve worked on a number of writing and editing projects I can’t tell you all about—but here’s what I can share. 😉

Mystery Client #1: Renowned Online Business Guru

A world-recognized thought leader in the online entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and lifestyle business spaces who has been featured in the New York Times and Forbes.

  • Ghostwriting: 20,000 words of all-new content for the second edition of a memoir charting the client’s journey from laid off to online business superstar.
  • Ghostwriting: 55,000 words of all-new content for a book on building an effective business by cultivating an audience of loyal fans.

Mystery Client #2: Life Coaches Extraordinaires

A husband-and-wife life-coaching team whose website has garnered over 2,000,000 page views and 100,000 subscribers since its inception in 2006.

  • Ghostediting: Developmental editing, line editing, and copyediting for a self-help book about building the life you want and achieving happiness through the power of ritual, mindfulness, and relationship.
  • Ghostwriting: Writing from scratch a workbook accompaniment to the self-help book described above, one that guides the reader to enact the change they’re looking for by implementing powerful daily rituals.

Mystery Client #3: Innovation Guru

A global leader in the cutting-edge innovation space who helps organizations reinvent themselves to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world gone digital.

  • Ghostwriting & Ghostediting: Ghostwriting, rewriting, and copyediting this author’s manuscript, a guide to innovation in the digital age for brands big and small.

Other Writing and Editing

I copyedited all the print and digital content for Paleo Magazine, the first and only print magazine dedicated to the Paleo/Primal lifestyle, for two-plus years.

I managed the blog at Smart Passive Income, writing and editing SEO-rich content for a worldwide audience of digital entrepreneurs.

Find all of the posts I authored here.

In my previous life in market research and consulting, I was lead writer and editor of Horizon Scan Monthly, a newsletter on cutting-edge surgical technologies and trends sent to over 50,000 clinicians and hospital administrators around the country.

Check out some sample issues here and here.

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Chowza’s Guide to Paleo

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