How I Work

We’ll start with a 30-minute conversation (via Skype or phone) in which we’ll discuss the main objectives of your project, what kind(s) of editorial assistance you’re looking for, and how I can help. This conversation will include:

  • An overview of your project and the elements you need assistance with
  • Your timeframe to completion of the project
  • Your estimated budget
  • Any other questions you have

If we decide we’re a good fit, I’ll follow up via email with a project approach outline that contains the following details:

  • The editorial services I’ll be providing
  • A timeline of deliverables, project check-ins, and other milestones
  • The total project cost

From there, once we’ve agreed on the details of the project approach, I’ll send you a formal contract document for us to both sign.

Then we can begin working together to help bring your vision to fruition!

Ready to get started?

Fill out the form below to set up your initial 30-minute consultation with me.

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