The Hardest Work

I’m nearly done reading Robert Moss’s The Dreamer’s Book of the Dead. It’s about dreaming and death and imagination and some other far-out things, all mostly topics for another time. You can read about Robert Moss on his website and Wikipedia page. He’s a fascinating guy who has more to say about dreaming than just about anyone I’ve … Continue reading The Hardest Work

Sunday at Seth’s

I like Seth Godin’s blog. It’s refreshing to not feel compelled to wade through comments sometimes (because you have no choice chez Seth). He also knows how to be pithy without sounding too much like, I dunno, a prophet or a salesman. And he gets some things about editors and editing: The copyeditor will fix … Continue reading Sunday at Seth’s

Clean Eating, or, What’s in a Couple Words?

Eating dirt appears nearly universal among children under 2 years of age. When I asked my 2-year-old daughter why she ate dirt, she just stared at me, her eyes wide open, a thick moustache of loam limning her lips. She must have decided that either what I had asked was unfathomably abstract or her answer … Continue reading Clean Eating, or, What’s in a Couple Words?

Is Paleo Here to Stay?

Last week, I got something I’d been anticipating for a while: my first “paleo” spam. This wasn’t an email from a well-meaning, verifiable source in the established paleo community trying to sell me something. It was true spam—an email from an unidentifiable source with some generic copy about paleo-something-or-other, trying to get me to click on one of its … Continue reading Is Paleo Here to Stay?