Ghostwriting and Ghostediting

I’ve worked on a number of writing and editing projects I can’t tell you all about—but here’s what I can share. 😉

Mystery Client #1: Renowned Online Business Guru

A world-recognized thought leader in the online entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and lifestyle business spaces who has been featured in the New York Times and Forbes.

Ghostwriting: 20,000 words of all-new content for the second edition of a memoir charting the client’s journey from layoff to online business superstar.

Ghostwriting: 55,000 words of all-new content for a book on building an effective business by cultivating an audience of loyal fans.

Mystery Client #2: Life Coaches Extraordinaires

A husband-and-wife life-coaching team whose website has garnered over two hundred million page views and one hundred thousand subscribers since its inception in 2006.

Ghostediting: Developmental editing, line editing, and copyediting for a self-help book about building the life you want and achieving happiness through the power of ritual, mindfulness, and relationship.

Ghostwriting: Writing from scratch a workbook accompaniment to the self-help book described above, one that guides the reader to enact the change they’re looking for by implementing powerful daily rituals.

Mystery Client #3: Innovation Guru

A global leader in the cutting-edge innovation space who helps organizations reinvent themselves to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world gone digital.

Ghostwriting & Ghostediting: Ghostwriting, rewriting, and copyediting this author’s manuscript, a guide to innovation in the digital age for brands big and small.

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